The Twenty % Tippers were a music group that performed around New York City from November '91 to November '96. They didn't have much conventional success. From continuously posting flyers in the New York City subway system offering their music for free, they amassed a considerable mailing list. Members on this mailing list would then receive a flyer and a story each month. The flyer announced the band's next performance, while the story recounted the misadventures of the group. Despite their intense grassroots marketing efforts, the city was big, and most audiences were unaware of the band's existence, and the ones that were didn't dig them. After five years, the Tippers called it quits as their money and their creativity ran out.

Recently, the Twenty % Tippers reunited to record some old songs, and to create this website, presenting a sampling of the flyers, stories, lyrics and photos from that time period. Their recent recording is free to anyone requesting it.

The Twenty % Tippers' site
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